tour in addis ababa

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  • What an adventure! I visited places in Ethiopia where I had been before but still learned so many fascinating things. The bus was amazingly comfortable and the conversation delightful. I highly recommended Tizeze Ethiopia Tours.

    William Roberts

  • I had a wonderful time on the northern tour. It was a great adventure. 

    June & Ted
    New York
  • I highly recommend Tizeze Ethiopia Tours. All of the guides, drivers, etc. provided a safe, informative and amazing adventure. This was a beautiful way to see the northern country. It is a vacation I will never forget.

  • I am highly recommended Tizeze Ethiopia Tours. The tour operator guides, and driver were excellent. All were competent and cheerful. They were open to suggestions, very flexible, and incredibly knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed the historic tour of beautiful Ethiopia.

    David & Pam

Experiance Ethiopia with Tizeze Tour!

Modern Ethiopia, the wonder land, is a land of varieties, extremities, uniqueness, freedom, colorful culture, religions, legends, adventure, natural beauty and much more. It fits on a structure popularly called the Horn of Africa. Covering a total area of 1,112,000 sq.kms, it shares boundaries with Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti and Eritrea.

Ethiopia was well known to the ancient writers. It is mentioned in the Bible more than 38 times by both Old Testament and New Testament writers. So, in accordance with the Biblical traditions of the ancient Israel, Ethiopia is described as the land of "CUSH" which was located by the "RIVER NILE" (Gen. 2: 13). The Septuagint (The Greek Translation) also describes it after the name of "ETHIOPIA" which has the same location.